Why Blog?

In choosing to blog for the second module of the Edinburgh Napier MSc in Blended and Online Learning I hope to share some of the methods and ideas, in respect to supporting learners, that I incorporate into my work within a Learning and Development department in a well-known pharmacy chain.

Blogging allows me to reflect on my daily practice and provide examples of where theory is applied to different situations that I find myself in. Indeed, reflection is the key reason why I chose to blog. This is supported by Vai and Sosulski who say the following about online journaling activities (like blogging) “The goal in this case is that the students develop the habit of reflecting on their work” (Vai and Sosulski, 2016) .

Stella Collins argues that reviewing and reflecting are best when we “Exploit social connections and involve other stakeholders” (Collins, 2016). With blogging being a social tool, I would encourage colleagues and fellow learners to contribute and comment on my blog posts so that we can learn together in a reflective manner.

I look forward to engaging with you all.



Collins, Stella; “Neuroscience for Learning and Development”, 2016, Kogan Page

Vai, Marjorie and Sosulski, Kristen; “Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide”, 2016, Routledge






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